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Something Chinese for lunch box...

Lunch: Vegetable Chow Mein , peppered Edamame, Grapes for lunch !

Snack:  Kiwi, Dates and Tortilla chips for Lunch !

 Recipe for Vegetable Chow Mein 

This serves : 2 to 3 person

Vegetable Chow Mein


Chow Mein Noodles - 1 packet (170g) (See Notes)
Garlic - 4 to 5 very finely chopped
Soya Sauce - 2 tbsp (See notes)
Dark Soya sauce - 1/2 tbsp
Brown sugar - 1 tbsp
Chilli Oil along with crushed red chilli- 1 tsp (See notes)
Sesame oil - 1 tsp
Peanut oil or any other flavorless oil- 1 1/4 tbsp
Sesame seeds for Garnish
Salt as needed.

Vegetables I used

Medium Carrot - 1 sliced
Baby corn - 1/4 cup (See notes)
Broccoli florets - 10
Celery - 1/4 cup
Snow pea - 10 (chopped to big chunks)
Mushroom - 4 to 5 quartered
Bell peppers - 1/4 cup (I used mixed colors)
Cabbage - 1/4 shredded (Napa cabbage or normal cabbage anything is fine)
Spring onion - Green part chopped 1 inch size 1/4 cup

Add or subtract vegetable according to your liking. 


1. Boil the Noodles as per the packet instruction, add cleaned broccoli florets and Sliced Carrots along with the boiling noodles just 1/2 minute before you finish boiling the noodles.
2. Drain them in the colander. Wash the Noodles in cold water or good tap water and drain keep it aside.
3. Now heat the peanut oil in wok or pan, add the chopped garlic followed by mushroom and other veggies one by one. 
Since we are doing everything in high flame it takes just couple of minutes to stir fry all the vegetables.
4. Parallely mix sauces, brown sugar, chilli oil in a small bowl and keep it aside.
5. Once the Veggies are half cooked add the drained noodles and vegetables to the wok.
6. Add the sauces, add salt if necessary.  Give it a nice toss and mix well.
7. Let it get sautéed for another couple of minutes and now add the sesame oil.
8. Finish it by adding Spring onion. Garnish with Sesame seeds when serving.

1. You can also add 1 Tbsp Soy sauce+ 1 tbsp Mushroom flavored Soy sauce
2. If you don't have dark soy sauce in hand substitute with normal one
3. Chilli oil - Roasted and crushed red chilli flakes soaked in pure Sesame oil.
4. If you don’t have Chilli oil substitute with Chilli sauce but there will slight difference in taste, still it tastes good.
5. Brown sugar can be substituted with Honey as well.
6. Chow Mein Noodles - Chinese egg noodles, it will be in Yellow color. It is wheat flour noodles with egg added.
 If it is not available substitute with normal Noodles, Soba noodles or even thin Spaghetti.
7. You can always increase or decrease the level of spice according to your kids need or preferences.
8. Since Fresh baby corn is not easily available in US I used Canned one.  If you are using fresh one add them along with carrots and broccoli.
9. Some time Whole food in US Carry fresh baby corn.

Peppered Edamame

Ingredients :

Edamame - 1/4 cup (frozen, then Microwaved)
Salt - pinch 
Pepper as needed
Oil - 1/8 tsp

Method :

1. Heat oil in small pan , add the edamame with salt and pepper.
2. Saute for couple of minute switch off and serve along with lunch or as a snack.

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