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Hi all,  hope everyone are doing fine. First of all I thank everyone who visited my space and enquired about my absence.  Since longgggggg..... I mean few weeks I did not post anything because of house move and stuffs.  I really missed everyone and just don't want to miss anymore.  But still I need few weeks to settle down and visit your sweet posts.  I had little time this morning so I wanted to post which was lying in my draft for so loooong.  

Coming to the recipe part, This is wonderful buttery cake with zesty touch in it.  If you are plain cake lover and love the flavors of lemon then go ahead and make this ..I am sure you will like it. 


Ingredients :

All Purpose Flour - 250 gms
Eggs - 6
Sugar - 270 gms
Butter - 250 gms
Heavy cream - 80 gms
Lemon zest - 1 tbsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp

For Lemon drizzle :

Apricot jam - 150 gms
Lemon juice - 3 tbsp (If you do not want too lemony reduce to 2 tbsp)
Icing sugar - 125 gms

  Method :

1. Grease the baking pan well with cold butter.
2. Then dust  all sides with flour.
3. Remove the extra flour and put the prepared baking pan into the fridge.
4.Sift the flour and baking powder twice. 

5. Beat the eggs together with the sugar in a large metal bowl.
6. Put the bowl on heat or double boiler (keep beating) until the mixture’s temperature is just
below body temperature.
7. The temperature helps completely dissolving the sugar and will result in a better consistency.
8. Take away from the heat and keep beating for several minutes.
9. The consistency and color will change.
10. At first, there will be many large bubbles in the mixture that will become less in number and size the more you keep beating.
11. You will also notice that the volume of the mixture increases significantly. So, use a bowl that is large enough, or otherwise.
12. In a separate bowl, whip the soft butter. When the butter turned creamy and light, add the grated lemon zests, then the heavy cream (room temperature).
13. Mix very well.
14. Add the foamy egg mixture to the whipped butter little by little.
15. Then, mix well.
16. Fold in the sifted dry ingredients and stir gently.
17. Take the prepared baking pan out from the fridge.
18. Pour the batter into the baking pan and even with a dough scraper or palette knife.
19. Bake for 50-60 minutes in your preheated oven at 350 degree f.
20. After baking, let the cake cool down (in the baking pan).
21. After cooling, invert the cake onto a cake rack.
22. Turn the cake upside down and cut off any “bumps” on the top with a large knife.
23. The browner side will be the bottom of the cake.
24. Therefore, turn the cake upside down again before you start with the icing…

Icing :

1. In a small sauce pan, boil the apricot jam together with the lemon juice and reduce the liquid for a while. Keep stirring to prevent the jam from burning and sticking to the bottom.
2. To test if the apricot jam has the right consistency, drop a little hot jam onto a plate.
3. Let it cool down for a moment. If the jam becomes solid (kind of) and does not stick to your finger, then it’s ready for coating the cake.
4. Use a brush and coat the top and sides of the lemon cake with the hot apricot jam.
5.To make lemon icing, add the lemon juice little by little to the sifted icing sugar until you get the
desired consistency.
6. Using a brush, carefully coat the cake with lemon icing.



Its getting colder day by day here in Minnesota. Before the fall and snow showers there was huge and largest state fair which is going around for the people to enjoy the yummilicious food and entertainment for kiddos. Here is a brief about the Minnesota state Fair.. and I am also sharing some of the pictures. If you are not calorie conscious there are lot of stuffs to taste, Starting from French fries to deep fried chocolate bars everything was tasty. If you are a non-vegetarian lover the choices are endless. You can taste variety of wine, beer etc. Emphasis is given to locally grown Minnesota vegetables, fruits and flowers; all these things are showcased in the fair , these are very colorful. We tasted some, and was drooling over other stuffs :( . Apart from the food , drinks and rides there are lot of Art and Craft exhibits. Here are some pictures and if you want to take a look at other fair pictures just go with this link.....More Photos.


The Minnesota State Fair is the state fair of the U.S. state of Minnesota. Its slogan is "The Great Minnesota Get-Together." It may be the largest state fair in the United States in terms of average daily attendance, though the State Fair of Texas runs twice as long and is the largest by annual attendance. It is held at the state fairgrounds, adjoining the Saint Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. The site is in the suburb of Falcon Heights, Minnesota, midway between the state's capital city of St. Paul and the largest city, Minneapolis. Residents of the state and region come to the fair to be entertained, exhibit their best livestock, show off their abilities in a variety of fields including art and cooking, learn about new products and services, and enjoy many different types of food—often on a stick. It typically runs for twelve days, running from late August into early September with the last day being Labor Day.

There were lot and lots of nuts. I bought cinnamon Almonds, Praline pecans and Buttered caramel peanuts.

Crispy, Tasty and Fresh....Yumm!!!

So Chocolatey !!!

The Name of the shop was ISLAND NOODLES but it was normal chinese noodles but should say it was sooooo tasty with lots of veggies(no meat,egg) so tasty. It was nice watching the demo.

You will understand how the brownie tasted seeing the pictures itself right .... and I love the pickles but never tasted the fried pickles before..tasted crispy and crunchy.

I love Cheese curds and this was deep fried version..which tasted too good, even the outer part was not bland, it was crispy with slight tasted awesome. Sure, You all will like it if your cheese lover.

On the whole the MN state fair is full day entertainment where the kids and adults can enjoy. Hope you all enjoyed this vistual treat !!!


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