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Hi everyone ,

Wish you all very Happy Pongal!!! 

I know it’s been long time I wrote on my blog.  For past 6 months I have been busy with short and long trips and so many family commitments etc. Even though my kitchen is always busy with some cooking going on, I hardly find time to click and post.  Recently we went to India for my brother's wedding and we had wonderful time.  Wedding in India means it’s totally enjoyment and soon I will try to organize to post about the food in my brothers wedding.  Still I am not on to our routine and still miss everyone there.  It’s really hard to come back to routine. 

Thanks for each and every one who mailed and inquired about my absence.  I tried to reply almost everyone, but unfortunately I missed many mails during my trips.  I am so sorry if I did not reply or missed to reply any of your queries or reply.  Hope I will be regular in blogging with delicious and interesting recipes.  So stay tuned!!!  Today is Sankranti and also one of the precious day in our life that is my son Aadavan's Birthday.  So it’s always double enjoyment for us :)

After a big break I am posting a traditional and sweet recipe.  I hope you will enjoy it... :) Colostrum Pudding, Yup it is made with Cow's Colostrum.  This is prepared with first 2 or 3 days milk from the cow after it gives birth to calves. This is one of my favorite sweet from the childhood days not only me for many.  It’s very difficult to get this milk now a days, but this time we enjoyed eating them.  My mother-in-law badly wanted to make this for us during our trip since we all love this a lot. Luckily our milkman brought the milk and we had a chance to enjoy our favorite childhood sweet.  

 This sweet is called as Junnu in Telugu made with Junnu Paal (COLOSTRUM). This is absolutely addictive sweet; it tastes so much like thick custard pudding with the heavenly taste and beautiful texture. This Junnu paalu that is the Colostrum milk is very healthy and nutritious as it is rich with antibodies and immune factor.  Since it is very difficult to get the Colostrum milk, there are other alternative to make this pudding but nothing beats the original Junnu made of Junnu paalu. It is very popular traditional sweet in Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh etc.  Every one has their own version in making this pudding, like some add jaggery, cardamom some add only sugar...It depends on their taste.  Whatever way it is made it tastes so good and definitely one cannot stop with single serving.   Colostrum milk looks like thick yellowish color. Here is how my mother in law made this.....It is so easy to make with very less and easy ingredients on hand. Here goes the process.



Junnu paal / Colostrum milk - 1 cup
Normal milk - 1/8 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cup (see the notes)

The picture in the method is more than one cup of milk.  For 1 cup of milk, 1/8 cup of normal milk and sugar 3/4 cup sugar is standard ratio.  According to the Colostrum milk you have increase the other measurements.


1. Mix the colostrum milk, normal milk, sugar in the vessel.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.
2. After the sugar gets dissolved, strain through the strainer if there are any impurities in sugar.
3. In the steaming vessel pour the milk and steam for 20 minutes.
4. Once it is steamed it sets like a custard. 
5. Let them cool completely.
5. Once it is completely cooled, cut them to neat square.
6. Refrigerate and enjoy.  





1.  If you want little less sweet reduce just 1 tbsp from the 3/4 cup of sugar. Don't reduce too much. 
2. Adding pinch of cardamom powder, nutmeg powder is absolutely optional. We just like the plain one.
3.  After steaming it oozes out very little water which is absolutely normal.


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