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This is healthy breakfast we can have atleast 2 days a week , bowl full of nutritious fruits with cereal. These are the ingredients which I added to make cereal more healthy form.

Ingredients :

1. Fruits : Any kind of fruits atleast 3 to four varieties. Chopped
2. Cereal : Any kind
3. Milk : As needed
4. Vanilla essence : few drops
5. Dry fruits : I used raisins, dates chopped finely , apricot,figs etc
6. Nuts : walnut , silvered almonds .
7 . Flaxseed : for toppping i used roased flaxseed.
8. Honey for topping.

Method :

Chop nuts and fruits. In a bowl add cereal, top of that add fruits, then nuts, pour milk mixed with vanilla essence.Sprinkle some flaxseed finally and add a tbsp of honey. Yummy colorful delicious, healthy breakfast is ready to serve.

Note :
Some benefits of flaxseed are especially for vegetarians it is good because it contains lot of omega -3 and essential fatty acids, it may help fight everything from heart disease to diabetes even breast cancer. So just a tbsp in cereal or egg makes a difference.

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