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Five taste oothappam is easy to make if we have dosa batter ready, which is topped with 5 kinds of topping. Makes great dinner if we feel bore with same normal dosas.

Ingredients :

Dosa batter - as required
Topping No .1 - Tomato + coriander chopped finely
Topping No.2 - Dosa podi mixed with pepper
Topping No.3 - Color capsicums chopped finely mix some salt
Topping No.4 - Finely chopped coriander leaves mixed with podi
Topping No.5 - Pepper mushroom.

Pepper mushroom : In a frying pan add finely chopped shallots saute then add finely chopped mushroom, fry until the mushroom oozes water and again becomes dry. Now add pepper and salt. Use as topping.

Method :

In hot griddle pour as small dosas and top with above toppings and turn carefully .Let them get crispy in the edges. Serve with chutney.

Anonymous –   – (February 22, 2009 at 4:07 AM)  

one tounge with few taste buds to relish "FIVE TASTE OOTHAPPAM" not enuf....God recreate me with alteast another pair if tounges.....

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