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Posting Lunchbox here in my blog after a long time. Since I am getting lots of recipe requests I will try to post lunchbox recipes whenever possible.  Do check my Facebook page for More lunch box ideas and also click this link for more Lunchbox recipes

Lunchbox : Pudina/Mint Poha, Radish Raita, Boiled egg !
Snack Box : Pomegranate, Cucumber, walnut and Dates !

Pudina/Mint Poha (Beaten or Flattened rice)

Serves 4 to 5

Ingredients :

Thick Poha - 3 cups
Red Onion - 1 sliced
Tomato - 2 small
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Urad dhal - 1 tsp
Oil - 5 tbsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp (optional)
Green peas - 1/2 cup (this is optional)
Salt as needed

Mint/Pudina Paste :

Mint - 2 Handful
Coriander - 2 Handful
Coconut - 1/4 cup
Lemon - Juice from 1 1/2 lemon
Green Chillies - 20 (mine is not super spicy)
Salt as needed
Oil - 1 tbsp (This is optional, adding tbsp of oil avoids discoloration. Color of green will be vibrant)

Grind all the above ingredients to smooth Paste.If you are using this for lunchbox you can always make this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. We will not be using the whole paste only 3/4th of this paste will be used.   

Method :

1. Clean and wash poha very well.  Since I used very thick poha this has to be soaked for 3 to 4 hrs. Add water and little salt, pour just enough water to cover it. Don't add more than that. ( Do this procedure in the night and keep it in the fridge if you are preparing and packing lunch)

If you are using less thick variety of Poha follow this. Wash poha thorougly atleast 2 to 3 times. Drain water and keep it aside for 10 minutes. Then follow the same procedure as below.

2. Heat oil in the pan.  Add Mustard and urad dhal.  
3. Add Sliced onion when it is translucent add Tomato and little salt.
4. When tomato becomes mushy add 3/4 th of the ground paste and Green peas. Saute well until it starts oozing oil.
5.Now add the poha and saute in the low to medium flame until poha is cooked (4 to 5 minutes).  Be gentle while you stir the poha in between.  Add tbsp of ghee.
6. Now switch of the flame and cover the pan tightly with a lid for couple of minutes.

Serve hot or pack it for lunch with Raita or any snacks !

Note :

Variations you can make 

* You can also add vegetable of your choice. Like mixed vegetables (carrot, beans, green peas and potato).  Only aloo and matar, only aloo, I some time add Eggplants alone.  Everything tastes great. 

* If you like ginger and garlic you can add couple of garlic and piece of ginger while grinding the pudina paste.  But I want to keep it simple for lunchbox also aroma of mint to be dominating.  

* You can add whole spices like clove, cinnamon and cardamom instead of Mustard and urad dhal.



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