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Wish you all a Very Happy Valentine's day!!!  

I know it’s been sometime that I had posted in my blog.  Hope to get back to blogging regularly.  I have been getting lots and lots of recipe requests when I post dishes in my Facebook page and Chiffon cake is one of them.  I had posted Banana Chiffon cake in my FB page, instead of sending the recipe to every person, I thought of posting it in my blog for everyone as a Valentines treat.  The formula for perfect valentines day setting are Pinky background, Flowers, Lots and lots of Chocolate, Cinnamon, Luscious cream and berries what more can you ask for.  This is a Coffee flavored Chiffon cake filled with Luscious Chocolate cream loaded with Chocolate and berries to highlight as a Valentine Cake!!!!  

For those who don't know what is a Chiffon cake; here it is, Chiffon cake is very very light and airy cake made with Oil, eggs, sugar, flour and baking powder with any of your favorite flavorings.  They are like angel food cake, Fluffy texture is achieved by beating egg whites until stiff and folding them into the cake batter before baking.  If made rightly the cakes will not harden or dry out as traditional butter cakes.  Typically it is served with flavorful sauces or other accompaniments such as chocolate, pastry cream or fruit fillings. It is most popular in Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore etc..I have tasted so many flavors when I was in Singapore including Durian Chiffon :) :)  as well.. You can find various flavors of chiffon cake in any local bakeries.  It’s very light and airy with beautiful cottony texture. 

What is the difference between Chiffon cake and Angel food cake?
Angel Food cake has no egg yolks, fats or artificial leavener it mainly relies on stiffly beaten egg whites for leavening. Chiffon cake is a moist and tender, light and airy that has the richness of butter cake but springy texture of a sponge cake.  The egg whites are first beaten until stiff and then it is folded into the yolk, oil and flour mixture.  Traditionally both the cakes are baked in ring shaped tube pan.  It is placed upside down until they are fully cooled just to prevent it from collapsing.  Both the cakes are served plain or with flavorful sauces or whipped cream.

Here you go recipe for Rustic Coffee Chiffon cake with delicious Chocolate cream and berries!

You can also enjoy the cake without any cream or berries, its perfect with your coffee or tea! 


Ingredients for Chiffon cake:

All purpose flour - 150 gm
Baking powder - 6 gm
Egg whites - 200 gm
Sugar - 75 gm (This sugar is with egg whites for making meringue)
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Egg yolk - 100 gm
Sugar - 80 gm
Milk - 200 gm
Instant coffee granules - 10 gm
Oil - 60 gm

Ingredients for Chocolate whipped cream:

Bitter sweet chocolate - 100 gm
Heavy cream - 350 gm
Cinnamon - 1/4 tsp
Sugar - 1 1/2 tbsp
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp

Notes :

Preheat the oven to 350 f before you start your process.
Do not greast the tube pan with butter or flour.
I have used 8" Tube pan. 


Method for Chiffon cake :

1. Heat the milk add the coffee granules and keep it aside, let them cool. Meanwhile sift the flour together with the baking powder twice.
2. Whip the egg white together with the salt.  Make sure the bowl is absolutely dry and clean.
3. Add the sugar in  egg whites in two steps. First start whipping at medium speed until the egg white is foamy, now add the sugar. Keep on whipping the egg, 
Whip at high speed now add the remaining sugar.
4. Whip till you get stiff peaks(Meringue stage) and keep it aside.
5. In another bowl, mix the sugar and egg yolk. Using the same electric beater beat until the egg yolk turns to creamy almost white or light yellow. This will take few minutes so be patient.
6.  Add the oil in the yolk, beat well until they emulsify and now add the coffee milk mixture.
11. Now add the sifted dry ingredients.
12. Mix the yolk and dry ingredients vigrously using wired whisk.
13. Now add 1/2 of the egg white(meringue mixture) with the wired whisk slowly.
14.  Then fold in the remaining meringue mixture with a rubber spatula until there is no trace of meringue but take care not to deflate the whole mixture. This is very important. Over folding or underfolding both will not give good results.
15. Fill the batter in the pan and bake for 40 to 45 minutes in 350 f preheated oven
16. After baking, immediately invert the cake upside down and let it cool down in the pan for atleast 1 1/2 hrs.
17. Then remove the cake by running the spatula in the edges by giving slight pressure towards the pan .
Use small spatula or the skewer in the tube part of the cake and also run the spatula in the bottom of the cake to release.

Chocolate Whipped cream

Method :

1. Place the chocolate in a large heat resistant bowl.
2. Heat the cream in a saucepan over medium heat until it just comes to a simmer.
3. Quickly remove the pan from the heat and pour the cream over the chocolate.
4. Let the bowl sit for a few minutes so the cream can melt the chocolate.
5. Whisk to blend the cream and chocolate together.
6. Add the sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.
7. Mix until the sugar melts. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator until well chilled.  Atleast for 3 hrs.
8. Whip chocolate cream mixture until it is thick and spreadable. Don't over whip it.

Assembling :

1. Cut the chiffon cake horizontally into 2 halves.
2. Fill the cream in the middle , add some berries and chocolate shreds.
3. Sandwich the upper portion of the cake, do the same and decorate with lots of berries and Chocolate shavings.

Here you go Coffee Chiffon cake with Luscious chocolate cream with loads of chocolates and berries is ready for your Valentine !!!

This serves almost 10 to 15 peoples !

Unknown  – (February 14, 2014 at 10:38 AM)  

Happy valentines day to u too. Cake looks so moist and airy.

Akanksha  – (February 14, 2014 at 10:30 PM)  

Looks lovely... wanna try it... can you tell me approx how many eggs is 200gms egg whites and 100 gms egg yolks? should i physically measure the eggs whites and yolks? also, wont the cake stick to the pan if its not greased and dusted?

Rosa's Yummy Yums  – (February 17, 2014 at 3:38 AM)  

A beautiful cake! I bet it tastes heavenly.



medisential  – (May 13, 2022 at 11:23 PM)  

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